Diversity Policy

What does Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Mean to Us?

“Diversity and Inclusion enriches our people, business and communities. It enables us to learn and grow, to be creative and have the freedom to be ourselves. It starts with each of us. We all belong.”
Equality of opportunity isn’t about demonstrating values, it’s about living them. Put simply, it’s the right thing to do – morally and, we think, commercially too.

As a recruitment business, Frost Legal is in the perfect position to help our customers and partners achieve true diversity in their organisation, with a workforce that reflects and represents wider society.

“We welcome difference, regardless of any personal characteristic, identity or background”

“We want to be genuinely representative of communities across the locations we operate”

“We’re determined to listen and learn, making sure people feel heard so we can take action required to make our business truly inclusive”


What we’re working with our clients on​:
  • Continuously looking at how Frost Legal and our clients’ can build diverse candidate pools across all disciplines and levels
  • Regular reviewing of recruitment processes.
  • Mitigating bias, we help our clients build knowledge and understanding of D,E&I
  • Ensure advertising is accessible/appealing to a wide range of diverse candidates and recruitment practices are fair and free from unconscious bias or stereotyping.
  • Ensure nobody receives less favourable treatment (directly/indirectly) on the grounds of a protected characteristic or education, socio-economic background or veteran status.
  • Using a broad range of sourcing channels to maximise exposure of opportunities.
  • Ensuring adverts use simple, gender neutral language and diverse imagery, using online tools to identify and remove potentially discriminatory language.
  • Making a public commitment to DEI in all marketing advertising/communications (including website/social media posts) to encourage diverse applications.
  • Ensuring our website is accessible.
  • Engaging/networking with DEI social media groups (e.g. Diversity & Disability at Work, Diversity & Cross Functional Professionals etc on LinkedIn).
  • Promoting our process as diverse and showcasing our DEI accreditations.